Health Tip of the Week: Think about Feeling

As we get into winter weather, many of us begin to feel a little blue. As we start to feel down, we let these feelings begin to drive our actions.

What do we feel like doing when we feel blue, you ask? Good question! I think you know the answer!

For me, I start to crave carbohydrates and junk food. I start to skip workouts.

These actions then lead to more negative thoughts and feelings and soon I’m building a snowball of negative thoughts, feelings, and actions that could build an army of snowmen!

This weeks challenge is to think about what you are feeling in order to be aware of this snowball process.

You don’t have to stop your feelings, just think about them and why they are there, what triggers the blues, and what negative actions they might be leading to.

Awareness is a powerful tool and the first step to making change.

Set aside 5 minutes daily to think about what you are feeling and why you are feeling it.

Write out a few points that you discover about yourself.

Don’t let the winter blues snowball out of control! Lets observe our feelings and begin the process of change that will bring about better mental health.