Breathe Deep

There is nothing like a brisk fall day to remind me of how simple it is to improve health.

As simple as breathing deeply.

Historically, many Naturopaths treated using the basics of deep breathing and hydrotherapy (water therapy). 50-100 deep breaths a day might have been the only therapy needed for some.

It was only if these simple techniques failed that nutrition or exercise were then added.

Breathing deeply is an excellent way to decrease stress in our busy lives.

So today I challenge you to get back to the basics and breathe. Start with 10 deep breaths and work up to 30-50 per day.

Or, if you want a specific technique, here is an exercise I like called alternate nostril breathing:

1) take a deep breath through your nose:

2) block one side of your nose (by pushing against the side of your nose with your finger) and exhale then inhale through the same side.

3) block the other side and exhale then inhale through this side.

4) repeat for 5 cycles breathing as deeply and slowly as you can.

It is normal for one side of the nose to be a little more plugged or blocked than the other side.

Now that you are aware of it, you may also notice that the side that is blocked switches back and forth throughout the day.

Relax, and just breath in or out as much as you can on the blocked side (even if its noisy)!

Keep it simple and breathe deeply to decrease stress today!